Visual Overview of Models / Series

A visual overview of all series and models. All speakers include grilles unless requested without. The full range of colours, veneers and stains is available for all speakers.

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Summoner Series

These are all traditional 3-way floorstanders--medium to large.

Timberwolf Series

These are all double woofer floorstanders 2-way--small to medium.

Sentinel Series

These are all traditional 2-way floorstanders--medium size.

Woodfox Series

These are larger bookshelf, stand-mount or wall speakers.

Firesprite Series

These are smaller 2-way bookshelf, stand-mount or wall speakers.

Monitor Series

High end bookshelf size passive speakers optimised for accurate monitoring or more demanding home listening.

Fusion Flat Panel Series

A range of models designed to fit flush against the wall--small and medium--bookshelf, floorstander, centre and subwoofer.

Subwoofer Series

Transmission line Medium to large

Centre Channel Series

Trio is 3-way; Quartet is four woofer 2-way; Duet is two woofer 2-way (small to large).


Passive 3 channel (L/C/R) single cabinet speaker.

Artisan Series

These all have striking, fluted curved sides, with enough models to make a complete home theatre system--small to large.

High Powered Series

Large, high end, high power full range 3-way speakers and 2-way speakers for small commercial cinemas or large home cinemas.

Valve Series

High end super efficient full range 2-way and 3-way large floorstanders for any low power amplifier, especially valve amps.

Karaoke Series

Efficient large 2-way speakers designed to handle live voice as well as high fidelity music.