Karaoke SeriesEfficient large 2-way speakers designed to handle live voice as well as high fidelity music.

The problem that Karaoke users normally have, is that either their hifi speakers are not up to the rigours of live voice production (tweeters can not take it), or their karaoke speakers sound terrible for high quality music/movies, etc. 
This range of speakers solves that problem.  They are superbly clear and powerful hifi speakers, while flying through the live singing with real presence, clarity and ease with their double or high power tweeters high power quality drivers and other components.  And they look great too, with the same choice of fine finishes we offer for all our other speakers.

This range also is very suitable for small venue PA use, such as church halls, small clubs, etc.

Veneers and stains

Clear or stained semi gloss lacquered American Oak veneer.
Veneers and stains may vary slightly.

American Oak veneer
Light Oak stain
Baltic stain
Walnut stain
Rose Mahogany stain
Charcoal Black stain
Non veneer soft white

medium double woofer and ribbon Karaoke speaker

Man figure seated for scale comparison

Price: $1650/pr (or $1050 kit less cabinet)
Cabinet: 1120h x 200w x 315d transmission line 45 litres
Power Handling: 200 wrms
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 35 -- 25,000 Hertz +/-2dB 
Sensitivity: 94dB 1w/1m
Drivers: Double 6.5 inch cone woofer/mid; large powerful ribbon tweeter
Description: This speaker, while being designed especially for karaoke is also a very good high quality general hifi speaker.  So it is a dual purpose speaker, and fulfils both roles perfectly.