High Resolution Loudspeakers

A selection of speaker models


Hifi and home theatre speakers developed and made in South Australia to very high standards of sound reproduction that, nevertheless, cater for any budget. Take a look at our prices, you will be pleasantly surprised. There are over forty models to choose from, we have a comprehensive range of floorstanders, bookshelf, centre channels, subwoofers, high end passive soundbars, transmission line designs, classic designs, audiophile designs, speciality valve amplifier speakers, studio monitors, high power cinema/audio and even karaoke speakers. Our standard cabinets use real American Oak veneer in a range of colours.

Our philosophy is to produce the best sound for the best price over a complete range of types and levels, using quality components, unique designs and crafted cabinets made with real timber veneer sourced from renewable sources and also non-veneered white.  There are no imitation plastic "veneers" used here.

Continual research, development, innovation and fine tuning over more than 25 years has resulted in high performing unique designs (with design features usually only found in some super expensive brands). We achieve a delightful, natural, full and high resolving open sound that often surpasses equivalent speakers with much higher price tags. This is because our simple structure and policy of direct marketing enables us to pass on the savings to you, our highly valued customers. All Ascension speakers include a 5 year warranty.

How to Order

Email orders (or enquiries) using the address above. To order we need model, colour/veneer choice, delivery address if interstate, name and contact phone, then we can send you the invoice (or quote) with all speaker and payment details. Only 10% deposit required initially for an order, the rest is not needed till your new speakers have been made, tested (takes 3-5 weeks) and are ready for delivery (interstate) or pickup (local adelaide).

Shipping Costs

Examples of average shipping costs to major centres (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth. Hobart and country areas cost more) depending on speaker sizes and distance.

Subwoofers: $80 - $150
Floorstanders: (per pair) $90 - $350
Bookshelf (per pair): $60 - $150
Centres: $50 - $150
Kits: $50 - $100

Complete home theatre systems
$150 - $500 for medium sized systems all depending on size.

Australia only, no export.