MonitorPassive reference bookshelf speakers

Monitors need to be accurate. You need to have confidence that the mastering adjustments you make are in response to a very accurate representation of the recorded audio, and where you can hear every you need to know what is going on in your mix. Higher end drivers and higher level cross-over components are used, for superb flat, ultra fast response and the ability to produce every micro detail. These are all passive monitors, and as such are not just for studio use but are suitable for high end music listening for anyone who just wants that extra quality and detail of a monitor.

Veneers and stains

Clear or stained semi gloss lacquered American Oak veneer.
Veneers and stains may vary slightly.

American Oak veneer
Light Oak stain
Baltic stain
Walnut stain
Rose Mahogany stain
Charcoal Black stain
Non veneer soft white

Monitor M612SQTL
6" + wave guide tweeter medium size

Man figure seated for scale comparison

Price: $1195 /pr
Cabinet: 400h x 200w x 315d 15 litre hybrid transmission line bass loading
Power Handling: 80/120 wrms/program
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (or 4 ohms on request)
Frequency Response: 44 -- 30,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 90 dB 1w/1m
Drivers: Papyrus reinforced cone 170 mm die-cast basket woofer (145 mm diameter piston size) with strong magnetic gauss; matched pair of wave guide dome tweeters with smooth extended response
Description:  Passive monitors with this high performance and quality usually cost much more; extra fine micro detail from the wave guide tweeter is excellent for monitoring, and a strong inert cabinet. 

Monitor M823SQTL
3-way 8", 5",  Wave guide HF, large size

Man figure seated for scale comparison

Price: $1795 /pr
Cabinet: 520h x 260w x 315d 28 litre short transmission line
Power Handling: 130 wrms
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 44 -- 30,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 91.5 dB 1w/1m
Drivers: 8 inch natural fibre cone long throw quality Danish bass driver; SB Acoustics 5 inch midrange; wave guide tweeter crossing over at 2500Hz
Description: This is a unique and super detailed 3-way monitor using premium drivers from Danish brands. The superb micro detail of the smooth wave guide tweeter lets you hear exactly what is going on through its whole range. The bass and midrange, have a very complimentary, clean, level, non resonant response when controlled by our highly tuned and unique series design crossover. This passive 3-way monitor is establishing its own class as a large and uncompromising, full range, reliable and powerful 3-way audio transducer for studio or home at an irresistible price. Larger cabinet versions with superb bass 600h x 300w x 410d, M853SQTL, or 1020h x 260w x 310d floorstander M863SQTL, both types $1995/pr.

Monitor M502SQ
high end 5" + wave guide HF, small size

Man figure seated for scale comparison

Price: $995 /pr
Cabinet: 300h x 200w x 215d bass reflex 7 litres
Power Handling: 60/120 wrms/wmax
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (or 4 ohms on request)
Frequency Response: 58 -- 30,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 89.5dB 1w/1m
Drivers: SB Acoustics 150mm high end papyrus cone bass/midrange and smooth, detailed wave guide dome tweeter
Description: ultra smooth and fast response; this is a beautiful sounding little passive speaker that packs a lot of punch along with its "being there" clarity. Ideal speaker as small high end and home studio monitor. Seamless series crossover for faithful reproduction and sound-stage you can trust. Gives the impression of being a much larger speaker, and has all the subtlety, smoothness and detail you would expect from a monitor, to allow you to hear everything in your recordings.