Transcender SeriesFlagship Reference Floorstanders

The Transcender series cabinets are a true example of good form and function, and have been perfected to house the ultimate versions of our best large floorstanders, using some of the very best drivers and components available.  They are very easy on the eye, with their beautiful inwards sweeping sides, harmonious proportions, and the luxurious semi-gloss piano black and beautiful timber finishes. Underneath the pleasing exterior, the non-resonant layered thick panels, strong ribbed structure, curved internal surfaces and unique Transmission Line bass loading combine to result in a particularly uncoloured audio rendition.

Combine these special cabinets and unique design with dual series crossovers using very low d. c. inductors, high voltage non-inductive capacitors, and special care to iron out all ripples and you have truly grand extended range, ultra-smooth speakers, with delicacy, power, accuracy, truthfulness, and a real talent for recreating a seamless living performance with a huge sound stage.

Acoustically, the reality and accurate detail of these superb high end designs makes it very hard to remember you are listening to speakers and not the real musical/visual performance.  The cabinets have been hand crafted to very high standards of artistic beauty  And, in excess of 80 kilograms, with much thought given to their shape and internal structure, they represent the ultimate in performance in our range.

As with all our speakers these three Transcender models compete with other brands two or three times the cost.  This comes from our ingenious designs, dedication to customers and simple business structure, not from any reduction in quality.

All speakers include removable grilles but any speaker can be made without grilles and grille clips if you request.

Blackwood veneer is standard, others cost extra.
Blackwood veneer
Queensland Walnut veneer
Queensland Walnut
Redheart Sassafras veneer
Red-heart Sassafras
Blackheart Sassafras veneer
Black-heart Sassafras
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New models in development.